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Fight with us to get ICE out of Gwinnett.

The ICE Out of Gwinnett campaign seeks to end the 287(g) contract between Gwinnett County and our federal government, which allows local law enforcement to carry out ICE’s work in our communities.

These agreements often lead to racial profiling, distrust between communities and local law enforcement, and is a waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

The Sheriff’s Office has voluntary procedures designed to maximize arrests and deportations of undocumented people, mostly for infractions as minor as traffic violations.

Gwinnett has one of the nation’s harshest immigration enforcement policies. Since 2009, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office has detained and deported thousands of undocumented people.  Gwinnett County alone has been responsible for over 20% of all ICE detainers executed in Georgia since teaming up with ICE.

Help us in the fight to get ICE Out of Gwinnett! 


Why do we need ICE out of Gwinnett?


Families are being separated and children are put at risk


Gwinnett County has paid over $13 million to voluntarily participate in 287(g)

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Gwinnett has one of the nation’s harshest immigration enforcement policies


The Sheriff’s Office deputizes local officers to do the job of ICE agents